Crazy Time online game

crazy time game

Crazy Time is a gambling slot that is found in all the TOP casinos, which are popular with players from all over the world. This is not the most standard entertainment, but a real show, with its presenters and rules. The game consists of the rotation of the croupier big drum, divided into many sectors with their own values. The player will need to guess in each round, which sector will stop spinning.

To play Crazy Time and earn money you need to have luck and game strategies. You will not be cheated by the administration, and it is impossible to calculate the moves with the help of algorithms. So you can fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the machine, scrolling administers the real dealer. Also at the top of the screen is located video slot, which also gives more multipliers on the current sector. On the reel there are prize areas with bonuses, with which you can win big money.

Review Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a game whose actions are determined by mathematical algorithms to produce the results of the spins. The algorithm functions with the help of GSH, so each spin is random and independent of each other. Nevertheless, the results of the game can be influenced - the more your bankroll and the number of lines included and the better your chosen tactics, the more likely to win funds. The algorithm allows everyone to have an equal chance of winning, which is confirmed by independent monitoring companies, so you can be sure of honesty. Nevertheless, it always leaves the casino in the winner, which should be taken into account when playing for a long time.

Bright and enchanting Crazy Time Wheel has a total of 54 sectors with different multipliers and rewards. Their full description can be seen in the table below:

Identifier Number of sectors Payout
x1 21 1 for 1
x2 13 2 for 1
x5 7 5 for 1
x10 4 10 for 1
Coin Flip 4 Up to х5000
Cash Hunt 2 Up to х10000
Pachinko 2 Up to х10000
Crazy Time 1 Up to х25000

All slot users have a chance of about 16% to get any of the above bonus. This happens every 6 or 7 spins of the reel. It spins in different directions, so actually calculating the odds is harder than it seems.

crazy time provider

The main characteristics of the slot

The game Live Casino
Maximum payout x25000
Bonus rounds There's
Demo mode Broadcast only
Number of sectors on the roulette wheel 54
Number of available outcomes 8
Minimum rate 10 рублей
Maximum rate 100000 rubles


Crazy Time The game is absolutely different from the entertainment of a similar format in similar casinos due to the fact that here, without the participation of a real croupier game is simply impossible. The game is played in real time, and it is possible to observe its broadcasting on different websites. In this way, you can enjoy the atmosphere of an offline casino, have a great time, and win good money. To begin with, you should bet on random sectors, which will then be unwound by the dealer. The player who guesses the right sector will win. In this case, his bet will be increased by the resulting multiplier. The producer of this software is well-known company Evolution gaming, which creates slots for gambling gambling since 2006.

The essence of the game Crazy Time online

To start playing Crazy Time, you need to remember that the game has some features:

  • On the reel of the wheel you can see 8 different groups of results, which are divided into 54 sectors.
  • Participants must bet on one, several or even all values. All cells have personal settings to bet different amounts of money.
  • When all participants bet, the croupier immediately starts spinning the reel;
  • When the sector values include x1, x2, x5, x10 and 4 bonus games;
  • The main part, with the most frequent values are multipliers;
  • When the reel starts its rotation, an additional video slot is activated, which also adds certain multipliers to random sectors;
  • This bonus is only activated when a sector is horizontally matched to a multiplier when the bet is activated;
  • Users who can guess the specific value at which the wheel stops their turn win;
  • The bottom left corner shows statistics from all past rounds. You can keep a close eye on how others are playing as a spectator before you start spinning.
  • In the bottom left corner, statistics are displayed for all past rounds.

Bonus games are activated when the wheel hits their section. Depending on what you fall out, if you follow the rules, you can get the maximum number of rewards and get the real jackpot.

Winnings in Crazy Time

Crazy Time shows variants of the outcome with huge odds of your bet. The maximum possible winnings are about 50 million rubles. If the client guesses the position, his bet is multiplied by the winning odds. For example, the sector with multiplier x1 is presented in the largest number, but also its payout is equal to the total bet of the visitor. Players must decide for themselves how much and what they want to bet. Regardless of the theoretically large multiplier, you should be thoughtful about your bets. We recommend that you divide your bankroll so that you always have a chance to win back in case of an unfavorable result. You should not forget that even such an interesting and popular entertainment is a gambling machine, where you can not guarantee the receipt of earnings. All players have a chance to win and lose, in connection with what you should not do all-in.

Function Top Slot

The entertainment has a special feature called Top Slot. The master activates it every round and it changes other sectors with its multipliers. For example, x2 can be replaced with x5 or vice versa, and when that sector is won, a new X amount is paid. In addition to results that have a fixed payout ratio, Top Slot also applies to bonus games. This is capable of increasing the winnings when the bonus entertainment rolls out! Thus the initial bet can be increased by a thousand times or more.

Crazy Time Bot

The Crazy Time bot allows you to view all possible spin statistics, and thanks to this resource you can track the game by the time you want. You can also use this site to keep track of the most selectable long range bonuses, the best Cash Hunt multiplier spots, and the times when players received the biggest payouts. You can also see information on the latest biggest winnings on the site, and there is a calculator of ready-made tactics so that newcomers don't have to rack their brains. This site is the best to gather all possible data about the slot, and if you need it, you've come to the best platform with similar resources. Just sign up when you use your email and you can get all the new information to your inbox.

Crazy Time Bonus Games

When choosing a reliable institution that gives you reliable rewards and payout guarantees, you'll need to register and top up your wallet balance. After that, proceed to search for Crazy Time and run it in broadcast mode and start playing. Huge payouts are waiting for you today.

Bonus Game Cash Hunt

Money Hunters is a bonus game that can get caught when you spin the money wheel. After a roll, the odds can acquire an additional multiplier, and the elements of the wheel are shuffled and closed with question marks. The countdown begins, and during this time you will need to aim the cannon at the selected section of the wheel, where you believe the best multipliers are hiding. When the countdown ends, the cannon fires and you see the updated scores.

Bonus Game Coin Flip

Coin Flip is a well-known game of Heads or Tails. The rules here are very simple, but that does not cancel out its maximum spectacle. A coin is shown, each side of which is randomly assigned a multiplier. It is tossed, and depending on which side it will fall in the upward direction, and that is assigned an additional multiplier. So you significantly increase the X parameter of your bet, especially if you use the Top Slot feature beforehand. If you get a small multiplier, the dealer can give you an extra shot for a roll.

Bonus Game Pachinko

Pachinko is activated if this sector appears on the reel. A wall appears on the screen with a large number of bricks, each of which has a certain multiplier, up to x10,000. You will need to throw a puck at a certain section of the wall, which knocks down the multiplier and multiplies the bet. In addition, there is a Double function in the section below, which can double the multiplier or restart the round - it is at the player's discretion.

Bonus Game Crazy Time

Crazy Time is able to surprise even experienced players, because all registered customers dream to see this bonus in their game. It gives an opportunity to win a huge amount of money. You will visit the new world of Tivole, in the center of which there is a huge tree with money branches. Players choose the colors of the arrows, which hides either fail or an additional multiplier. If you can make it all the way to the end without fail, you'll increase your bet by a whopping x25,000!

skids in crazy time

Game Features Crazy time

All the action of the game will unfold in a colorfully decorated studio, in the center of which is a large money wheel. The interior design will interest even the most sophisticated gamblers. Crazy Time, like other popular products of the company Evolution, combines the real and virtual worlds. Visitors have the opportunity to bet in real time with the help of high-tech software, customizing the interface to their liking.

A chic circus-style entourage with multiple customization and plenty of bonus features. You will be pleased with the professional presenters and the high RTP percentage (96.08%). The gameplay is also simple - you will need to bet on the sectors on which, in your opinion, the arrow in the center of the wheel will stop. After the time allotted for betting is over, the video slot starts up, which activates an additional multiplier that is added to a random sector. If the multiplier and the horizontal sector match, the multiplier becomes active, otherwise the round will run without a reward. All bonus features are separate mini-games, and you should click on the question icon to find out the rules.

Crazy Time Stats

Crazy Time is a unique slot that is found in many online casinos. This is a kind of wheel of fortune, which is triggered by the host of the game in a live format. All players must join the live broadcast to make their bet. The game was developed by Evolution, which was able to make sites with convenient statistics so that users can check the results and check their honesty. It also allows you to study the statistics in order to play even better!

Anyone can see the statistics by carefully studying the gameplay of the machine. The game has a total of 8 sectors with different bonuses, each of which falls with an individual chance. They have different RTP characteristics, so the gameplay is much more diverse than similar slots. Statistics Crazy Time you need, because with it you can understand how to play. With the help of a live machine you can understand how players feel in a live casino. The game will be played live, and the show will be led by a real dealer who creates the whole atmosphere. So you don't have to worry that the results will be fake, the gameplay takes place on the broadcast, during which nothing can be tampered with.

What do players need statistics for Crazy Time?

At the heart of the show is a results tracker, with which you can rely on statistical data while waiting for the right sector of the Crazy Time reel to fall to you. With this, you can keep track of the results that occurred with a higher probability. However, each result here is obtained regardless of the past, the algorithms do not remember them. It is possible to count on the receipt with the help of the law of large numbers, which equalizes the outcome, but it is unknown to understand when exactly it will happen.

These statistics are useful not only as analyzed data, but also to check the honesty of the player. Jackpots are recorded, and they can be viewed later by date. That is why players mention in their reviews that the machines are suitable for big winnings. The creators of the casino keep track of the RTP odds without changing them and the gameplay, due to which every user can pick up the jackpot, and the game process is as transparent as possible.

Where to watch statistics on the game Crazy Time

In order for visitors to be able to track the live statistics of Crazy Time it is necessary to go to a certain portal, which is called Tracksino. In addition to tracking Crazy Time there you can find other machines from developer Evolution, such as Monopoly, Dream Catcher Deal Or No Deal. This is a great platform to compare and analyze all the data you need to play the game, giving you the opportunity to create individual tactics.

Statistics for Crazy Time is an invaluable aid for visitors of any level. With the help of this resource, you will become much more likely to win, and the tactics similar to you will become even better. To get up-to-date information and save your personal results you need to go to the official site of the tracker. In the history of the slot you can see all the analyzed data. However, do not forget that there are a large number of fraudulent resources on the Internet, which can cheat even players with a great experience of the game. It is necessary to check each site you go to, so that your data is not stolen.

Statistics are also available in the machine itself, to access it you need to click on the button with the graphs. Initially you can see 21 last rounds, but this list can be expanded to 54 positions. For most players, this is enough, but if for some reason you need more, then you should already visit the resource Crazy Time Stats. There you can see a list of winnings for all the rounds you want. On the right you can see a window showing the nicknames of the winners and the amount won by them, displayed in the currency that you choose when registering. The upper part displays all recent winners. Often there you can see amounts up to several millions, which are won by the participants of the live broadcast

Crazy time stats trackers

The gambling market can offer popular sites with trackers that track statistics, displaying data such as:

  • best wins
  • frequency of the result sought in the last 24 hours
  • indicator of the last multiplier
  • information on the last spins
  • expected spins that have not played
  • average win statistics for each round.

All these data will be useful for visitors who want to get acquainted with the principles of the slot. Bets made thoughtlessly, and not studying all the necessary indicators can deplorably affect the state of your bankroll.

If you follow the weekly or monthly history of past games, you memorize the principles of the money reel as well as the opportunity to succeed in the publisher's machine, you memorize how often bonuses and multipliers are displayed, and you track the average win rate for each round when the bonus rewards roll out. It's best to use trackers to figure out how to play over the long haul. Get x25,000 on your bet now while the dealer spins the wheel and entertains visitors!

crazy time stats

Tracker Tracksino Crazy Time

Tracksino Crazy Time — is a free resource where anyone can easily register. It allows you to view the desired period of history for the time period you choose. The statistics are open to everyone. Thanks to Tracksino Crazy Time, you can track the statistics of the following data:

  • frequency of sectors in percentage falling out;
  • when last time the selected outcome triggered;
  • how many times has this outcome triggered for a specified time;
  • tracks the game Crazy Time in real time.

In the upper corner, you will select the time period that will display the desired information. You can select these time intervals:

  • Hour,
  • Three hours,
  • Six hours,
  • 12 hours,
  • 24 hours,
  • 72 hours,
  • Week,
  • Month.

It will also help to show the biggest payouts for that time. You can often see multipliers of x1000 or more there. Videos of these winning spins are also attached there.

What kind of statistics does it show Tracksino Crazy Time

In addition to gameplay data, the Tracksino resource offers other live games that are broadcast for various casinos. On this page you can see a complete list of dealers, when they are playing and how it affects users' wins. Some customers believe, not unreasonably, that there are croupiers who make the games more interesting, and bets with them bring more luck.

Crazy Time Bot Tracker

This bot gives you an overview of almost any possible information, and you can use it to keep track of any live games presented by Evolution Gaming. If you need information on the most popular bonuses at any range, the best Cash Hunt multipliers, or when the biggest jackpots were won - you've come to the right place. The site also allows you to filter information on recent large winnings, choose a working tactic for yourself with a ready strategy calculator. This is the site with the largest number of resources that you can filter by almost any data you need. Registration takes a few minutes and all the statistics you need will be sent to your inbox.

What Crazy Time History Gives on Games

Statistics of bets may be of interest not only to players with extensive experience, but also to newcomers who have entered a gambling establishment for the first time. Open the tracker site to search for recently dropped bonus rewards and sector numbers. Users who are not playing for the first time, use statistics to analyze the potential fallout of a particular outcome. This information is fundamental to applying your own strategy. It is necessary to register on the site to understand how often the results fall out and to get information about which of the multipliers falls least often. Players can use these statistics not only as analyzed data, but also to check the integrity of the characteristics of the slot. Any Crazy Time results are recorded, and they are available for all users of the site.

How to play Crazy Time and win

crazy time How to play and win

Crazy Time slot will give you a great time and earn money. It is suitable not only for people with a lot of experience in live games, but also for beginners in this business. Many players develop tactics and strategies to get better results by betting while spinning the wheel. Learn about the best gambling tactics that will give you not only not to lose your money, but also to multiply it.

The rules of the game

Crazy Time is a gambling slot that is found in literally all of the top casinos whose users love live entertainment. It is a real reel with real presenters, which has 54 departments of different values. The player has to try to guess which of the sectors he will choose to stop the wheels on it. To earn money, you have to do the calculation of what happens and hope that you are lucky. Developers are honest with visitors, so you will not be cheated.

For a full immersion you will need to watch the broadcast of the game, when the drum will rotate a special presenter. This will give the audience a festive atmosphere. The drum has special areas with prizes that will give more gifts. No one guarantees that you will win, but if you follow some rules, you can greatly increase your chances of getting the profits. To do this, you should follow these tips:

  • Try to bet on the bonus game segments. Don't forget that you can divide your bet by making it to several zones at once to increase the chance of winning.
  • Be smart about assessing your chances of winning. Although the game has a fixed theoretical 96% chance of payoff, the minigames have a chance that can vary depending on the number of bets placed on different departments.
  • Do not put your entire bankroll on one bet, because in order to constantly get good results should be allocated a budget, which when you lose will not be much noticeable.

These points should be kept in mind when playing Crazy Time. This will give you the opportunity to choose the right tactics to get more gifts and bonuses.

Outcomes and Payouts

If you bet on the sector on which the wheel stopped, the payout will be the amount of the bet multiplied by the resulting multiplier.

Identifier Number of sectors Payout
x1 21 1 for 1
x2 13 2 for 1
x5 7 5 for 1
x10 4 10 for 1
Coin Flip 4 Up to х5000
Cash Hunt 2 Up to х10000
Pachinko 2 Up to х10000
Crazy Time 1 Up to х25000

For example, making a bet of 5000 rubles and if you get a multiplier of x10 you can withdraw 50 thousand. All participants of the slot have a small chance of 16% that a certain plot will fall out.

Bonus rounds

In addition to the fact that the drum has standard sections with multipliers 1,2,5 and 10, there are also special sectors, on a roll which will start the bonus game. You will need to act according to what exactly is selected.

Tactics Crazy time and strategy

crazy time strategy and tactics

If you use good tactics in the game, you will be able to make higher bets, as the winnings are almost guaranteed. If in doubt, you should first observe in spectator mode, and only after that start making good money. By making large bets you can get a huge jackpot. Nevertheless, make sure not to get too carried away by getting too greedy. Be careful, because many players make small bets, but are guaranteed to take their winnings. Sometimes making big bets is a more lucrative activity, as it greatly increases the payout. But it is a more risky activity due to the lack of guarantee of returning bets.

Strategy Watch & Wait

This is one of the most effective strategies, which literally says to watch and wait. This tactic goes well with the slots and machines from Evolution Gaming presented in the Live Casino section. Before you start playing, you need to know the detailed statistics of your last spins. With the Watch and Wait strategy, you can get an income every 10-15 spins approximately. If you are satisfied with it, you can also activate the bonus game, which fall every 6-7 spins. On them you will need to bet the average level. You can also bet every 3-4 spins on the cells that are next to them. If you lose, you need to raise the bet closer to 7 or 8 rotations, closing the cells with gifts. Subsequent winnings will pay off all your expenses, so have patience and wait.

Tactics Success in Caution

This tactic is often used by beginners or players who are too lazy to play much without making a profit. You will need to gradually increase your bet, starting with a small amount. Keep track of the drum stop on multipliers x1, x2, x5, x10. They have a pretty big chance of falling out, so 3 out of 4 scrolls you will win, which increases your winnings. Also, don't forget about the video slot operation, which replaces all available multipliers and increases profits. If the multiplier was x5 and x10 appeared, your bet will increase tenfold. If the bets go up, the payout will increase accordingly. This tactic will not give instant winnings, but it has minimal risks, compensating all the inconveniences.

The Martingale strategy in Crazy Time

When considering strategies for the game, you should not forget about the Martingale strategy, which is popular with many gamblers from all over the world. To use this tactic, you must have a good level of bankroll and faith in yourself, as long as you follow these rules:

  • Do small bets on sectors with minigames.
  • When the initial bet falls out, it should be updated.
  • If something else falls out, you need to double the amount of each cell.
  • As you play, you will begin to understand the average bonus, wagering on it.

This tactic has a strong efficiency for the average rewards. All multipliers over x8 are in the black.

For example, if you made a bet of 100 rubles on all sectors, then in total you spent 400. If the minimum value falls out, the bet must be repeated. If you lose, you double the value and continue. Now you need to put 200 rubles on 4 sectors, i.e. a total of 800. If you get a bonus even x2, it will be 1600. These costs are recouped at x8, so that's fine with us. With this strategy you will be able to keep your balance and slowly come out in the plus. Bets on large amounts are the exception, they will greatly increase your potential income.

Tactics The Bold - Fortune's Favorites

Used by experienced players who have a good bankroll value and like to take risks. To use the strategy you will need;

to make exceptionally big bets;

focus on bonus games, do not bet on regular cells;

The best thing about Crazy Time is that it is an automatic win;

The right choice of the color of the arrows will lead you to the jackpot.

Playing this strategy is a big risk, and you must have a lot of money in your account to avoid ending up in a few bets. Even if there are no jackpots, your spending is outweighed by small winnings.

A strategy with low volatility

It comes in handy for casino users who are not the first to play live games and know how to stop in time, not risking too much. In order to win replenish your balance and go to the machine, wisely making bets and responsibly approaching the allocation of funds. With a bankroll of 2000 rubles should bet on each sector of 200 as a result - you have 10 variation bets. If you win less than a bet, the first spin can be replaced by additional rounds. You need to keep your initial balance, keeping this position for the long haul. The strategy will allow you to increase your profits and earn additional rewards. To earn optimal volatility, take advantage of the extra rounds and place medium bets.

How to calculate the outcome of the Crazy Time online

In case you are wondering how to calculate the outcomes, Crazy Time players will need to keep an eye on the stats. Players with experience understand that at Evolutiong Gaming you need to keep an eye on the results and push back on the stats to get results that have a better chance. Don't forget that each spin is in no way dependent on the past, and players can win up to 2 jackpots in a row. The law of large numbers evens out all the results, but nevertheless there is no telling when it might happen. Crazy Time users use statistics not only to analyze the data they receive and create individual tactics for the game, but also to make sure that the slot is fair. Every jackpot is documented for players to see. Registration on the casino site is available with your email account.

Crazy Time Demo Mode

crazy time demo

Everyone who wants to play Crazy Time in demo mode can understand what the game gameplay is like. The demo version of the machine makes it possible to play even without a bankroll. Now you can take part in the spinning of the reel without spending any savings. This is the best option for players who are just learning the world of the game, and do not yet know all the rules and features. Demo Crazy Time to fix it! The machine has a built-in section with information that can be opened by clicking on the button showing the question. You will see the rules, the potential payout, RTP of the selected outcome, a description of bonuses and gifts, as well as other characteristics. There is also located statistics, instructions for making bets, a description of the quick buttons and all the conditions by which beginners will gain experience. Also remember that gambling applications do not guarantee profit, so you need to prepare for the game without fear of losing your bankroll.

How to play for free in Crazy time

On the casino site you can play slots to play for money, and in broadcast mode, when you are a spectator. You can play in a conditional demo mode with restrictions. Due to the fact that Crazy Time is located in the live games section, supports the functioning of the real croupier, not the computer. The dealer sees every move and communicates with the chat, explaining the rules and maintaining the gambling atmosphere.

Demo mode is a free version, to run which you do not even need to register on the site and make a deposit. You won't risk your money while betting. The demo allows you to watch the game from the sidelines, and you will not participate in it or influence the games. Because of this, you won't be able to place any bets, but you'll be able to fully understand how and what works here. On your screen you will see a real dealer who accepts bet players and starts spinning the wheel of fortune. He'll tell you what's happening on the screen and explain what you need to do to participate. Users who make spins can write in online chat and their comments will be seen by all participants on the broadcast.

The Crazy Time Demo will help newcomers who have just passed the registration stage and still don't know what to do after that. Activate the broadcast and watch what others are doing. This will help you develop a personal strategy and gain experience from the moves of others. The free version will give customers without experience the opportunity to run top slot for good moves. This will save you from mistakes, and betas in play evolution will give you a full understanding of what is going on. Demo games are also used by experienced visitors who just want to plunge into the gambling atmosphere without the risk of losing their money. Many players simply love Crazy Time, and don't even need the payout. They are just interested in watching the course of entertainment.

Crazy Time download

crazy time download

Crazy Time machine is interested because of the interesting atmosphere and the possible payouts, which are truly huge. Where else can you find entertainment in which your bet can be multiplied by x25,000? Crazy Time application is used on computers and mobile devices for almost all OS. Download it now on:

  1. Windows;
  2. MacOS;
  3. Android;
  4. iOS.

Before you do not forget to specify the desired option, because there are both the original license in the casino with a license, as well as similar versions, which will help to practice before the cash game.

When playing Crazy TIme for real money, start by downloading and installing the mobile version, and after that start the necessary application. It is possible to go to 1Win, UpX, Izzi or Wawada casino and activate the slot there. Download it from the main page and click on the mobile image. After that, you will be automatically redirected to a page to download the apk file, and you only need to choose the right option for you. It remains to activate the link, download and install the application and start playing, getting huge Crazy Time multipliers.

Download Crazy Time on your computer

To do this you will need to open your browser, no matter what you are using - Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Yandex and others, whatever it is. Then you will need in the search box to write a specific query "crazy time download" or "crazy time casino download. You will see the output, and the sites you need will be in the top 10. When logging in, don't forget to check for an official license to make sure you're not using a rogue resource.

Download Crazy Time on your phone

Go to the market for mobile devices depending on your OS - Google Play or App Store. After that you will need to find a specific application by entering the name of the game and downloading the one that suits you. Don't forget to look at how many downloads they have and the overall score from customers who have installed and are using that app. The game you will download simulates Crazy Time gameplay, and it is not an official app developed by Evolution.

To download the mobile version, you will need any Android device with version 6.0 or higher. To bet for money, you will need to create an account in any gambling club of your choice. This platform will answer any of your questions about gameplay when you contact the round-the-clock technical support, and a wide range of payment systems will allow you to replenish the balance of your wallet. To install it on Android you will need:

  • Log in to casino and search for Crazy Time slot machine.
  • Go to the page with the slot and see working links for downloading apk online casino on android.
  • Click on download/download. The links are located at the top of the main menu or in the footer of the site.

To install the application on your iPhone, go to the App Store (the official mobile app store) and find the application of your casino, which you are going to play. Next, you will need to install it and log in using the username and password you received during registration. That's it, it's done!

Download Crazy Time to play for real money

If you don't know why players download Crazy Time to their smartphone or PC, we have the answer! They need it to practice and test the game before they get in with big bets. This will help them choose the best option to determine the right strategy for the game at any distance. Do not forget that the slot does not have a demo mode, it only helps you to watch as a spectator during the betting process. To minimize your financial risks, you should use the Martingale strategy, rely on game statistics with the results of extreme rounds or watch the spinning wheel in online mode. Take your time and understand the rules, and when you know what you need to do to make money, start betting. Download Crazy Time, register at the online casino, fill out a personal cabinet and fund your beta wallet.

Download Crazy time demo

Not only newcomers, but also players with a lot of experience often go to the Crazy Time machine to play. Beginners want to quickly understand how the application works, and experienced visitors work out a strategy and deal with the tactics to make bets. All this does not stop you from enjoying the pleasant music design and interesting graphics, which is accompanied by interesting action presenter, who helps to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the show.

The demo version gives you the opportunity to play for free without registration and recharge. With the help of this show you can recharge a huge amount of emotions to make it interesting for you to play. Don't forget to watch Crazy Time in the exciting live broadcast content to work out your own actions in further bets.

If you are new to the live games section, downloading the demo version of Crazy Time will help you understand the features and principles of the game with a cash reel to make good bets. Viewing in the demo version of the application can be even without creating a profile and depositing a bankroll. Watch other visitors play and enjoy an interesting show. Charismatic presenters will explain all the rules, this will be the first step for numerous winnings.

Crazy time live — Where to play Crazy Time

Crazy time live - where to play

Crazy Time Live is an exciting casino game from Evolution Gaming that combines the excitement of playing live with the fun of spinning the wheel. Players have the opportunity to win big thanks to exciting bonus games and features like Red Coin that can multiply their winnings. This dynamic and visually stunning game is perfect for those looking for a unique and exciting gaming experience. So, if you're looking for a fun and exciting way to win big, check out Crazy Time Live.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at the game, including its key features, bonuses, tips and strategies, as well as player rules and responsibilities. Crazy Time Live is a live version of the popular online game Crazy Time. The two games have a lot in common, but also have some differences that set them apart. One of the biggest differences between the two games is the overall experience. Crazy Time Live is played in real time with a live dealer, while the original Crazy Time is an animated online game. This live aspect in Crazy Time Live adds to the excitement and realism of the game, as players can interact with the dealer and watch the game unfold in real time. Another difference between the two games is the betting options. Crazy Time Live Streaming offers a wider range of betting options, allowing players to bet on multiple segments of the game. In the original Crazy Time, players could only bet on the main game.

Live Streaming - Where to Watch Online

View the broadcast Crazy Time is available on the main page of the official portal of the developers, or on any site with data on the game. To do this, you need to log in to the site and select the game you are interested in - Crazy Time. In addition to the main broadcast on the site you can also see the following information:

  • The bet history for the last day/week/month;
  • Percentage of outcomes;
  • Video of large skids up to x25000.

To activate the classic machines with a simple gameplay, consisting of running different algorithms, you do not need to register to go into demo mode. To start the machine, simply select the appropriate model in the extensive catalog. As a result of these actions on your balance will appear special chips, the number of which can be updated by reloading the page with the slot. As with other online games, do not forget about the rules and responsibilities that are associated with Crazy Time Live. The machine is regulated by the Gambling Commission in various jurisdictions, and the player is responsible for playing in accordance with the rules and regulations of the casino. In addition to this, one should practice gambling habits. This means limiting your time and money spent on spins when necessary.

Play Crazy time online live

Crazy Time Live is a real slot machine, which is hard to refuse. Your goal is to make bets on the positive outcomes of a reel unwinding by a professional croupier. Visitors make bets on different sectors, which can have different multipliers. Also, do not forget about the presence of interesting bonus applications, which are activated if the wheel stops exactly on them. To play Crazy Live Time you need to follow these instructions:

  • Select the section on which you will bet. The whole reel is divided into different parts with their multipliers. The player must bet on the selected section, or several sections at once.
  • Place a bet. After selecting a section, you need to bet a certain amount of money.
  • Watch the drum spinning. The presenter spins the wheel, and the outcome determines whether a bonus or activation of a certain multiplier occurs.
  • Enjoy the exciting bonus applications. If you stop the wheel on Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko Bonus or Crazy Time Bonus you will start an exciting game.
  • Take your cache. The amount of your bet will be multiplied by the resulting multiplier.

Crazy Time Live is an interesting online casino game, through which visitors can win a lot of money if they choose a good strategy and are very lucky. Four bonus games, interactive features and live gameplay makes Crazy Time one of the most exciting machines in the gambling world. Whether you're a seasoned player or just signed up for an online casino today, try Crazy Time Live from Evolution Gaming.

Crazy time in a casino

Due to the fact that Crazy Time is just one slot, you should understand that it is presented in different online establishments. If you want to play the official application, you need to choose a certain gambling club with a good reputation and player reviews. This will allow you to be confident in the payment of the won funds and the characteristics of the machines. Find a decent platform, register yourself a new account and top up your balance. All that remains is to go to the Crazy Time machine and make a bet - let the game begin!

Crazy Time at Vavada

The crazy time game at Vavada Casino

Vavada — is an online club that has been operating for players residing in the Russian Federation and former CIS countries for only six years. Regardless of the short term, the casino has gained considerable reverence among its visitors, and it can be found in all the lists of the best gambling platforms. This is due to the fact that each machine has an individual license, and the company's financial policy is transparent, and every player can see it. The reviews often note receiving all the money won in due time. For all the time the Wawada casino has been operating, no one has yet complained that they could not withdraw the money they earned. To make a bet on any slot machine, you need to create a profile on the site. This can be done by players who are of legal age and do not have repeated accounts on the portal. After Wawada casino received a license Curacao, the administration began to develop and popularize gambling in the CIS. During this time, visitors began to trust the developers, seeing their honesty and responsibility in matters of customer relations.

With the help of Vavada mirrors everyone can go to the official version of the portal, even if it is blocked. On the copies you can see all the relevant information - the history of your bets and financial transfers, the availability of bonuses and status levels are available. If necessary, you can make a request to technical support or register for upcoming competitions. With the help of mirrors you will be able to enter to play even if the official site was blocked. This can happen for several reasons:

  • There was a DDOS attack organized by hackers to steal information;
  • Technical work being carried out on the site;
  • Blocking of casinos by providers due to the ban by Roskomnadzor;
  • By rebooting the servers;
  • Failure or error in the platform operation.

Due to the blocking of the official site or a copy of Vavada at any time, casino supporters should ensure the maintenance of a working list of url copies. When a visitor goes to another platform, he will be able to enter his profile with his usual username and password. The administration informs players that the new actual mirrors are created in the official groups and channels of social networks and messengers. To always be able to log in to a working copy, try to do the following things:

  • Write to the technical support chat;
  • Look for it on Wawada's Telegram channel;
  • Sign up for the mailing list, which will send information to your e-mail;
  • Search Google or Yandex yourself using your browser.

Using mirror copies you will always be connected to your favorite Wawada resource. Every winnings or promo code will be stored in your account and no one will have access to it. With these features, you will forget about problems with accessing Vavada mirrors.

To play for money at casino Wawada do not forget to go to the deposit of your wallet. For financial transactions you can use any means of payment, which only have on our portal. To be able to recharge your account, you will need:

  • Go to your personal cabinet
  • Choose payment method
  • Specify your card or online account details and enter the amount to top up
  • Populate by confirming with SMS
  • Populate with confirmation.

Vavada Casino is very popular for playing Crazy Time for such reasons:

  • Certified by the licensor of Curacao
  • Instant withdrawal of funds
  • A huge range of machines and table games
  • Big percentage of characteristics RTP
  • Reflective team technical support.

On this site you will not be cheated, paying out winnings literally immediately. There is the possibility of demo play on any machine, and you can register in a minute. Play your favorite Crazy Time mini-games on Wawada now, do not put it off until tomorrow!

Crazy Time in Up X

Crazy Time в Up X

In the past, the Up X site has not been seen with many different machines. It had simple games and a large number of instant draws. Nevertheless, now Up X is a gambling platform with a large number of possibilities. Already today you can see a large number of modes on it, as well as various exciting and interesting promotional offers.

Almost all simulators have an honesty check system. Each win is determined by a random number generator, and a generous bonus program allows players to enrich themselves without having to fund their balance on the site. In addition, players can be rewarded for their activity on the site. The Up X site will please you with a modern ranking system and the presence of a large cashback. Not all casinos can boast the presence of such an abundance of features and opportunities for their customers.

Portal Apk X will please the assortment of machines with the possibility of obtaining instant payments, among which you can find the following:

  • Crash. This is a well-known game, which enjoys great popularity among users. You can find a large number of strategies for winning on the Internet, which were created specifically for this machine. Crash is a game along the lines of the popular Aviator. Its meaning lies in the player's bet, after which the multiplier will begin to increase at the beginning of the round. The player's goal is to stop in time for his bet to play.
  • Crazy Time. The famous money wheel with a large number of sectors. The player must guess which one of them the drum will stop its turn. You can win fabulous money on it - up to x25000 of the amount of the user's bet.
  • Cases. One of the most intriguing games is Up X. The gamer buys a case with winnings. Its value depends on the case category the user chooses. The more expensive the case, the more values it can contain.
  • Ladder. The goal of the player is to move his character up the levels. This is accompanied by an increase in the coefficient. Also, do not forget to dodge boulders falling on your head. This will result in losing the bet.
  • Cards. The amount of your theoretical winnings increases according to the value of the player's bet. Turn the cards over and look for multipliers hidden on the other side.
  • Keno. A well-known bingo in which the customer must make a selection of several numbers. In case they coincide with the numbers that came up with the host, the player will win. Selecting more digits will increase the odds of winning.

As mentioned above, casino Up X tries to please visitors with new bonus programs. The most frequent and popular among players is the distribution of fresh promo codes. Bonus codes can be obtained in social networks, affiliate sites and groups in messengers casino. Also, promo can be obtained individually with high activity on the site. So don't forget to keep track of messages in your mail that may come from the gambling club.

Also, every player can write a review and get a bonus reward. You can read the detailed information about this promotion in the corresponding block on the site. You can get about 10% of the deposit amount for the fact that you will post reviews about the site. Accrual will be made after the moderator checks the user's comment. It is also worth considering and cashback, the amount of which can be up to 10%. To get it, the gambler must make at least a hundred bets, and all bets must be made during the last week. The maximum size of the cashback is equal to 1000 bars.

Crazy Time at 1Win

crazy time at 1win

Go to a modern and productive site 1win to relax playing slot machines and gambling slots from your PC or smartphone. The site has a large selection of machines, as well as the opportunity to bet on sports and cybersports. The site is popular because of the instant payouts, even without verification and a lot of bonuses. In the institution 1_win players can forget about their troubles in life, well earning on their experience and luck. The institution has an international license Curacao, which gives confidence in the fact that this is an honest club. To enter, you will need to register and log in using your username and password. Online casino Crazy Time satisfies the needs of its customers, almost every week adding to the portal new and interesting entertainment and applications.

To use any 1vin machine, create an account when using these options to register:

  • Quick registration. To create a profile you will need to specify the currency for future transactions, your e-mail and password. You can also enter a promo code to get additional rewards. Then you only need to complete the registration by clicking on the appropriate button.
  • Registration through social networks. This option will help you create your personal account in 1win using the social network VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Google+, Yandex,, Telegram or Steam. Thus, the service copies the basic information about the client from his profile. Then the bettor can log in to his account using his profile.

The game site will help you start your career as a gambler by offering a variety of bonuses to increase your deposit. Immediately after creating an account, you can increase the amount of money on your first deposit by 500%. It's possible to get a weekly cashback of up to 30%, depending on how much money you spend on paying bets. Apart from that there are no permanent bonuses in 2023, all other rewards are one-time or dedicated to different events. The complete list can be seen on the main page. Do not forget that the money received by using the gifts can be withdrawn only after you wagering all the number of wagers.

Promo codes will give you some advantage even without funding your wallet. Secret symbols and numbers must be entered in a separate registration field. It is located in your account. When you receive a voucher as part of this event or giveaway, you will need to copy the combination into the field. Promo codes are given out during holidays and promotions, as well as when you visit 1vin casino partners. Each secret code is activated once, you cannot use this combination again. Nevertheless, promo codes do not affect demo games in any way, and the same restriction applies to bonuses that are issued as part of permanent promotions. Lovers of free games, these gifts will not be useful in any way. You can enter a promo code not only in the browser version of the resource, but even in a modern mobile application. This advantage will work on your profile regardless of the version of the gambling club used.

To make a bet, you must have at least 10 rubles in your wallet. This is the minimum bet, and if you choose another currency, the amount will be equivalent. Often it is easiest for customers to use bank cards and electronic accounts and wallets, sometimes they bet in cryptocurrency. To view a list of all possible payment methods, you need to visit the site of the gambling club and go to the "Payment" section. There is no limit on the maximum deposit, but for the withdrawal of money there is a certain ceiling of 60 thousand rubles/day. To increase this amount, you will need to increase your status, for this you need to spend even more money on bets every month. The money won will get to your wallet, but in exactly the same way that you used to replenish your balance. To receive your winnings, fill out an application and wait until it is approved. The minimum amount of funds for withdrawal - 500 rubles. If you withdraw more than 10 thousand at a time, you will need to verify your account. Verification of your personal account will not take longer than two days, and after that all payments will be made automatically.

Crazy Time in Dragon Money

crazy time at dragon money

To use Dragon Money service, you will first need to create an account on the portal. According to statistics, more than 2 million people from all over the world have already registered on this platform. This project was developed by International Business Systems S.R.L., registered in Costa Rica with number 3-102-693-923. This jurisdiction is attentive to the clearance of operators, comprehensively protecting the interests of players.

Any interaction between visitors and the administration of the platform is carried out according to the regulations of the user agreement. This document can be seen on the official website of the project, it specifies all the basic conditions for the provision of services and rules for their use. In order to run a gambling machine, you first need to replenish your game account by using any of the provided payment systems (bank cards, QIWI, Piastrix, cryptocurrencies, etc.). Money will be automatically converted into coins - the internal unit of account in Dragon Money roulette. Winnings, bonuses, and referral system rewards are also paid in coins, and if you need to withdraw money, they are converted back to the currency you use. This project is successful due to the fact that it has:

  • Competitive range of games and entertainment
  • modern graphics engine, quality animation content
  • high variety of content monetization (game wins, bonuses, payments to partners)
  • unique algorithm for real payouts.

Access to the resource may be terminated due to hacker DDOS attacks or due to the blocking of providers because of the instructions of Roskomnadzor. Do not assume that your account will disappear, and all the money will be stolen, because you can go to the analogue of the official site - a working mirror. You can see exactly the same design and features as on the official site. The only difference is that the mirror has a different domain address.

Copies are completely safe for players, and in order to gain access to selected machines and machines, you need to log in to your account when using your data. Even if you decide to win back the wager and a lockout occurs, you will automatically be moved to a new copy and you won't notice anything. You should add working copies to your browser bookmarks to increase your comfort with the game. You can use any of the ways to find new mirrors:

  • Yandex/Google search engine in your browser
  • Log in to our messenger channels
  • Subscribe to our social networking groups
  • Subscribe to our email list

To withdraw money, you need to choose a method of payment, which is more convenient to you. Among those represented are bank cards, electronic wallets, phone or cryptocurrency. The commission for withdrawal to the cryptocurrency wallet is even less than in other exchangers. The minimum can be withdrawn 30 rubles, and the commission for the withdrawal depends on the selected method, but on average no higher than 5%.

There are some restrictions on the payment, because first you have to show your solvency by depositing a minimum amount. This will help weed out fake accounts. Recruiting a large sum for withdrawal is possible in several ways, among which are payments in games, collecting bonus funds and attracting referrals. You can even use wallets Qiwi, Piastrix and others. Payment is made in a couple of minutes. The time of crediting funds depends on the conditions of the selected operator, but it will not exceed 24 hours.

On the Internet there are already a large number of reviews about DragonMoney and Crazy Time machine. Most of them are positive, and the negative ones are from players who lost their deposit due to lack of experience. Mostly there you can find information about:

  • adaptive layout of the portal
  • comfortable interface, intuitive for all
  • variety of game content
  • large opportunities for earning money
  • chat with other casino customers.

Crazy Time in Izzi casino

crazy time at izzi casino

Izzi casino allows everyone to register, the main thing is that they do not have an account created before that, and he was 18 years old. In the upper right corner, you should click on the appropriate button, and then a form with a questionnaire will open, in which you need to enter personal data. At the beginning, you must choose how you want to register: by mail or by phone number. After that, you will need to create a complex password to protect your account. Next, you should choose the country of residence and the currency in which you want to bet on the machines. Now you need to proceed to read the terms and conditions with further acceptance. Don't forget to sign up for the mailing list if you need to receive letters with new promotions and working mirrors.

When you enter information about yourself, specify the real data, and then you will need to confirm them. Verification of the account is needed to raise the withdrawal limits. To do this, you will need to upload any of the provided documents to the platform:

  • The first pages of the passport, on which is written information about the person with his actual registration. A photo or scan will do.
  • If you deposited at Izzi casino with a bank card, you can use a picture of it as well. It is not necessary to leave the whole number, close a part of it. There is also no need to take a picture of the back of it.
  • A receipt for a utility bill by taking a picture of the electronic version or a paper document. Sometimes you may be asked for several receipts by month, but this is more of an exception.
  • A photo of the user of Izzy casino with his passport, which is opened on the page with the basic information. This can only happen if the helpdesk doubts the documents you provided.

Any of the methods takes a few hours, and already after that you will be able to withdraw money from your account. There is a restriction on payments in the form of a limit, which depends on the status of the player in the portal.

To bypass the restriction and enter the blocked casino site you need to use any of the presented methods:

  • Mirror, which you can get in a chat with technical support, which you can find out in the online chat. Also, don't forget to check in with your email address from time to time.
  • Download a mobile app that isn't afraid of external blocking. Click a few buttons and you'll be able to log in to your account regardless of your device's OS.
  • With the VPN extension, which will create a new client access point. This will allow you to virtually change the ip-address and access the site from your browser. The extension is configured, or a special program is downloaded and installed.
  • Change the DNS server settings to create a new access point. This option is only suitable for those who understand this topic. You can find information for the configuration by a little googling on the Internet.
  • Using an anonymizer site allows you to connect without providing the ip address of the visitor. Thus it is possible to enter any site in privacy mode. Using these sites, it is important to choose reliable anonymizers that are recommended by other players.

The online casino will allow you to get a welcome bonus immediately after creating an account. Incentives can be obtained by funding your balance for the first time. You can take advantage of such gifts:

  • 150% and 500 freespins,
  • 100% and 100 spins,
  • 50% and 75 free spins.

Welcome bonus at registration

The welcome bonus can be obtained by depositing your balance from 500 rubles, this is the minimum bar. A larger payment will earn you even more freespins. If you use the first gift, you can get two more. They can be triggered after you replenish your account by 1,500. It is not possible to activate multiple offers at casino Izzi at the same time, you will get another gift when you use the past ones.

Refilling your balance is also available in different ways. It is possible to use Visa, Mir and MasterCard cards. International e-wallets, which have no commission, Interac, Skrill, WebMoney, Piastrix, are also often used. Also payments can be made in cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum. To make a payment, you need to do the following:

  1. Create a personal account and log in to your profile.
  2. Specify the payment system.
  3. Enter your wallet or card details.
  4. Confirm the system with your phone number.
  5. Deposit a minimum of 100 rubles into your account. To get more rewards, deposit more money.

Izzi casino funds will be withdrawn to the same system that you used to deposit. For replacement, you need to contact support support to choose another option. Payments in any direction will be made with one click and without repeated confirmations.

Funds will appear in your account from 10 minutes to 24 hours, depending on the payment system selected. It may take at most a day to withdraw, but in fact the wait is not more than a couple of hours. Every day, the support staff manually processes every request that comes from the visitors. After that, popular electronic payments are received in 15-20 minutes, and the processing of payments to bank cards can take up to 5 days. Customers often say in their reviews that verification helps reduce payment time to an hour. It does not make much difference whether you authorize at Izzi Casino using the mobile version, the desktop version, or the app.

Crazy Time in Pin-Up

crazy time at Pin up

With the popular service PinUp players can use not only the official site, but also any actual mirror. An active Curacao license will give you the opportunity not to worry about being cheated or cheated for money, because it is issued only to reliable and honest clubs.PinUp pays every honestly earned winnings, it is a proven fact. Many users love our club, as it is not only a casino, but also an active BK, where they bet on events from sports and cybersports. You can also go to PinUps broadcasts, duplicated from official competitions. The main advantages of the PinUps establishment are such provisions:

  • Many different machines, among which you can see the roulette, live casino, live machines and more.
  • There is a mobile version that works with Android and iOS smartphones. It will help you play without having to change mirrors every time you get blocked.
  • A lot of competitions with large prize funds.
  • A large number of bonuses and promo codes wheel gameplay.

In case access to the institution has been lost, go to the active mirror. To find a working copy, you can use the following methods:

  • Write to the mail to the staff of the helpdesk. In response, they will send you a list of actual mirrors, which will require your registration.
  • Search for copies on thematic forums and affiliate sites. Such domains will give you the opportunity to keep up-to-date links to copies.
  • Use the search engines by going to them from your browser. Remember to check for a Curacao certificate yourself.

Playing on working mirrors you will not see the difference between them and the official site. Authorization will be available regardless of the device you use.

All new customers will be able to receive incentives to start a successful career in gambling. Having replenished your balance, already in a couple of hours you will receive a 100% transaction bonus amount. If you exceed the deposit of 2000 rubles, you can additionally spend 250 freespins on certain slots. This incentive has a wager of x50. Do not forget that you will need to wager them within three days. In addition to the welcome bonus, there are other rewards worth taking. Carefully read all the terms and conditions so that you can withdraw money by any available means. In addition to the gifts within Crazy Time itself, the platform offers players bonuses such as:

  • 100% to the amount of the first deposit pin_ap;
  • Frispin on deposit of 2000 + rubles
  • Awards on future deposits;
  • Just games of the day for luck;
  • Promotional and bonus slot;
  • Personal promo code;
  • Gifts for birthdays
  • Cashback on failed bets and much more.

To play Crazy Time for money, top up your wallet with a popular payment method, choosing from:

  • VISA;
  • MasterCard;
  • Piastrix;
  • Bitcoin;
  • Ethereum and more.

The minimum deposit can be 10 dollars or other currency equivalent. Paying with cryptocurrency the limit increases to $35. All players can see for themselves the available payment methods and see all the terms on the page with detailed information. Payments are made in the profile, and only after the check from the security service the money will appear on your account in a few hours.


Why do I need to look at stats in Crazy Time?
Crazy Time stats can be useful for you to gain experience and to understand the strategy that suits you. With the help of statistics you will understand at what moments and how much money you should bet on a certain sector. The game will be played live, and the show will be led by a real dealer, who creates the whole atmosphere. The statistics will also help you not to worry about fake results, the gameplay takes place on the broadcast, during which nothing can be tampered with.
What do you need a craze time bot for?
Bot comes in handy for keeping track of a huge variety of statistics. This site is suitable for displaying the popularity of bonuses at a distance, the best spots with multipliers in Cash Hunt, and the time of winning the largest sums. You can even use a ready tactics calculator so you don't have to waste time creating them. This is the best bot to gather all the information you can about the slot, and if you want to study it, you've come to the right platform for it.
Are there any betting limits on the Crazy Time online game?
Of course, in gambling entertainment minimum you can put 10 rubles, and the maximum - about 100 thousand.
Does the game have an official website?
The game has an official manufacturing company, which supplies this machine to all existing casinos with a license from Curacao. By registering on the website of the gambling platform you can find this machine in their assortment. Choose the service you want and run the cash game to enjoy the atmosphere of the slot.
Where to watch the broadcast Crazy Time?
To see the broadcast you need to log in to the casino site where you run Crazy Time, or go to the site with the broadcast. You can also go to any streaming platform and look for interesting streamers broadcasting this game.
In what casinos is this slot?
You can list all institutions for a long time, the main thing is to know that it is in all licensed casinos with a certificate from Curacao. Do not forget that they may differ in terms of RTP, which sets the institution. You can trust such establishments as: Vavada, Up X, 1Win, Dragon Money, Izzi casino, Pin-up.
Can I play for free in Crazy Time?
There is no demo mode as such. Everyone can enter to play the machine and go into observation mode to learn and understand all the rules. However, you can not make bets in demo mode. To do this, your balance must have money, without this is no way. When observing the game rounds you will be able to understand all the functions and rules of the game. This is suitable for beginners, who will be able to learn all the details, so as not to make trivial mistakes in the future. Live streaming is available to all registered players.
Are there any recordings of Crazy Time's draws?
Of course, to search for recordings of broadcasts, you should use a search engine Yandex or Google to select the appropriate site. Then you can watch the broadcast of the game when other users of the institution will play. This will help you make sure the honesty of the casino and get the opportunity to look at the real payouts.
What is the RTP in Crazy Time?
The return to player ratio in Crazy Time slot is 96.06%. This means that for every 1,000 rubles you wager, you can get a return of an average of 960 rubles. However, if you increase or decrease the number of bets on one of the outcomes, this percentage may change.
Can I play Crazy Time from my phone?
Of course, this machine can be played on any electronic device, be it a portable computer or a modern smartphone. It can be run on iPhone (iOS), Android, Windows, Mac (MacOS). To install the application on your phone. you will need to open the Google Play store or Appstore, then type in the search bar "Crazy time game" in English and easily download the file, choosing the right application by ratings and reviews.
How much can I win in Crazy Time?
Your winnings depend on the size of your bet and the multiplier factor you stop the wheel at. If you are incredibly lucky and your bet was the maximum - you will get about 50 million rubles. Such cases are rare in the history of the machine, and usually players get from one thousand to one million rubles.
Is it possible to view the statistics of rounds in Crazy Time?
Of course, if you use various tools, automatic bots for collecting information and thematic sites, you can see the statistics of any round sorted by history.
How to download Crazy Time to your phone?
To download the Crazy machine you need to go to the site on which you play go to "download" and save the casino application on your phone. It can be run on any electronic device with iPhone (iOS), Android, Windows, Mac (MacOS). You may also need to go to Google Play or Appstore, then write "Crazy time game" in English in the search bar and easily download the file by selecting the appropriate app according to grades.
Are all bonus rounds in Crazy Time games physical?
Bonus applications are available exclusively in online format, and the application can be seen in the content broadcast in real time in a special studio. The game is played by a professional dealer, who maintains the whole atmosphere of the performance.
How to withdraw money in Crazy Time?
To withdraw money from your account you will need to go to your casino profile and go to the "balance" section. Depending on the gaming club, the rules for withdrawal may differ from each other, but what you definitely need to do is to pass verification and accumulate at least 500 rubles on your account. You will get the money in 15-20 minutes after the verification of your application.
Game number in Crazy Time - what is it?
All completed rounds have a unique number with information on the time of the game. For example, you can get the number #12:38:54. This means that the time of the completed round was 12 hours, 38 minutes and 54 seconds. This is needed for those players who are experiencing technical problems, to give them the opportunity to help technical support. You will get help in the near future.
Does Crazy Time have an autoplay mode?
To make the game easier and faster, every visitor can activate the automatic game. There is a special mode "Autoplay" for this purpose. With this option, you can repeat the adjustable bet any number of rounds that you specify in the settings.
What is Multi-game in the Crazy Time?
The multi game is a special option that can be useful for professional players or high rollers who are used to betting big bets. Multigame gives you the opportunity to use multiple gaming tables by opening a couple of tabs in your browser. The option is available only for registered visitors.


Svetlana, 28 years old / 02.03.2023 / star icon5
I have never tried to play, but my friends advised me to play, so I decided to play. Repeatedly heard about how they withdrew 200 thousand and more. Played somewhere in the end a couple of weeks, every day for an hour. Well, the results are good, in the end I was able to withdraw somewhere around 63 thousand rubles. Now I buy everything I wanted.
Kbpf, 27 years old / 05.01.2023 / star icon5
Awesome game, very often I get lucky here like nowhere else I've played before. I really like that there is an opportunity to choose independently and participate in interactive rounds - it's not only interesting, but also cool to watch. In general, I recommend it, and I advise all my friends to play here.
Natalia, 30 years old / 05.02.2023 / star icon5
Right away, I would recommend to those players who are just planning to play Crazy Time. Change your bets depending on the likelihood of the X's you are aiming for. When you increase the chance of falling out bonuses immediately need to increase, works like clockwork. now I play only in this money wheel, gaining up to 200k per month, depending on the time spent.
Vasily, 36 years old / 08.03.2023 / star icon5
Gambling has always attracted me, and the money fortune was not some straightforward exception. For this slot you need enough time and brains to be able to understand how everything works here, compare the chances of falling out and find a good strategy. I have been lucky many times, so I will continue to play here for now.
Bruce, 39 years old / 11.01.2023 / star icon5
I play here from my phone, so registration was fast. I make average deposits and try to make money on it. I found out about crazy time from an advertisement in the internet, and the idea settled in my head. On the largest multiplier has not hit yet, I play a couple of days, but already fell out the game at x5 000. I advise you to try.
Alyona, 25 years old / 11.12.2022 / star icon5
I do not know if it is normal that people win tens of millions here, personally, when I saw such a situation - just jaw could not pick up from the floor) So if anyone is hesitant - do not be afraid, everything will work out sooner or later, the main thing is not to put constantly the same amounts. With small amounts began to make average bets - the account has already multiplied in 6 times. Really awesome theme that you can effortlessly earn and chat with other visitors. Newbies are often prompted, give advice to more experienced players. Huge respect to the creators!
Sergei, 27 years old / 14.02.2023 / star icon5
I found out about Crazy Time in a sports bar from a conversation between two gamblers. I decided to ask what and how, and when I got home I installed it. Well, I regret that I found out so late, long ago would have been a millionaire)))) I play almost every day, and my balance is constantly growing) I think I need to withdraw the other day.
Eugene, 25 years old / 14.03.2023 / star icon5
Awesome machine, I have long wanted to try my hand at gambling, but somehow all the time I was afraid that it would not work. Do not really use the computer, so I installed a mobile application on my phone so I can play in my free time. So far I can play, the balance is increasing, but I have not yet withdrawn, waiting for the accumulation.
Daniel, 26 years old / 17.01.2023 / star icon5
Quite often I play on slot machines, but I am too gambling, and I can not stop. So for a long time adjusted, tried and went into the minus. Now as soon as I see that the prize sector for quite a long time does not fall, immediately slow down, and do not try to fly big. On the machine you can earn quite well and withdraw all the money.
Michael, 31 years old / 19.12.2022 / star icon5
It is real to earn here, and I was afraid before only because all sides said that it is a total fraud. But when I got x10000 here, I was able to not only cover the previous sags, but also multiplied the balance several times. Already tried to withdraw twice, everything works, do not throw. I recommended it to a colleague, now we share cool results on winnings.
Joker, 33 years old / 21.02.2023 / star icon5
I started with very small bets, I was afraid of losing too much. Then, little by little, I started to look for new tactics and began to bet more and more time after time. I was often lucky, I managed to calculate my bets and increase them before the bonuses fell out. Within a week I managed to accumulate about 47 thousand.
Alexander, 35 years old / 22.01.2023 / star icon5
Earnings in slot machines - never trusted it, although at the same time I wanted to risk. Not so long ago I decided to look at the rules of this machine, got popular strategies and began to play. And then it went straight to the top! Huge multipliers and good statistics plays on you. Maximum winnings were about 300 thousand with multiplier x1500. Until the last thought that I could not withdraw, but it worked out without any problems!
Bill, 28 years old / 25.02.2023 / star icon5
I am writing here only after I have withdrawn my funds, because it is easy to earn, but withdrawal is not always possible. The game is cool, additionally you can communicate with other users and gain experience. In general, I can recommend from myself.
Vladimir, 38 years old / 25.12.2022 / star icon5
Before betting money, you should still do a little research on gambling strategies among all the available ones. Google them, they are full of them. Also do not forget to try to watch the game in broadcast mode. This is also a kind of training, you will remember how to do and not to do, rules there you learn and all that. If you find the perfect strategy for yourself, you will be able to raise good money.
Gamer, 40 years old / 29.01.2023 / star icon5
A friend has long called to play in gambling, I until the last time I refused, but still he was stronger. The game is quite clear and simple, just need to memorize quite a large number of variables. I'm saving now for a new laptop, I think that another month and a half, and will be the right amount)))